Google zensiert Bisexuelle ... (Event)

Frank (Mod), Donnerstag, 16. September 2010, 07:35 (vor 2806 Tagen)


Ich habe gerade keine Zeit, alles zu übersetzen, aber das Wesentliche ist halt, dass Google Instant (irgendsoein Link-Vorschlag von Google) das Stichwort bisex zensiert und wohl auch lesbian usw.

Hier eine Petition dagegen:

Euer Frank


Hi Bi Google Users:

You may have heard on the news or seen the new Google search feature that predicts search terms. This may be a great technology advancement, but Google is using it to CENSOR searches for BISEXUAL TERMS. Try typing in "B I S E" and you have a list of suggested search terms and the normal display of matching sites to what you typed. Now add an "X" and see what happens. All suggested search terms disappear and there are no sites listed. They have completely eliminated bisexual related terms from their new and improved easy search. In small light gray type just below the search box is the instruction to press enter to continue searching. People may assume there are no matches when they see the blank screen and not press enter. Try searching for "Long Island bisexual" and you will see that we have been declared to not exist.

Adding insult to injury, you can search for homosexual, gay, queer, dyke, transvestite, and transgender.

Below are two articles on Google’s action and a link to a petition asking that bisexual search terms be unblocked. I urge you to sign the petition and voice your concern. Our silence will be interpreted as approval of this affront to our equality.

Bi Tom

LI-BI-do Founder


I just added my name to the petition on Please consider adding your name.
Tell Google: Lesbian and Bisexual Aren't Offensive Search Terms.





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