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BiJou: The English issues

You can order the magazine in German from Frank. A couple of English printed versions are only available at Bi-Con in Great Britain from Christoph.

Online-versions in English: BiJou 37, BiJou 29, BiJou 27, BiJou 26, bijou 24.

BiJou 37

Cover BiJou 37

There are two articles in English, one in Portuguese!

Here they are:

BiJou 29

Cover BiJou 29

BiJou 29 is translated in October 2014 (German version from June 2014)!

Here it is:

BiJou 28

Cover BiJou 28

BiJou 28 in German is out since Octobre 2013!
The English version is still in progress ...

BiJou 27

Cover BiJou 27

BiJou 27 is out since Mai 2013!
Here it is: BiJou 27 in English (PDF 2,9 MB).

BiJou 26

Cover BiJou 26

BiJou 26 ist out since Novembre 2012!
Here it is: BiJou 26 in English (PDF 2,1 MB).

bijou 25

Cover bijou 25

bijou 25 is out since April 2012!
There is no English version.

bijou 24

Cover bijou 24

bijou 24 is out since Mai 2011!
Here it is: BiJou 24 in English (PDF 11,5 MB).

bijou 23

Cover bijou 23

bijou 23 is out since Juli 2009!
There will be three articles in English soon.

bijou 22

Cover bijou 22

bijou 22 is out since Decembre 2007!

There is no English version.

bijou 21

Cover bijou 21

bijou 21 is out:

There is no English version.

bijou 20

Cover bijou 20

bijou 20 is out:

There is no English version.


If you have any questions or like to translate, please write to the BiJou-editors


Issue 1-19 in German you find here: Bijou-Archive

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